Atlanta Zoo

We had a great time at the Atlanta Zoo!

I am now writing this at night, and Namine is asleep from the long and tiring (but fun!) day. The Milwaukee Zoo is larger in terms of acreage, but it has fewer hills. The zoo in Atlanta, Georgia, is smaller, but much, much hillier. Namine wheeled herself for the better part of the day, and she really had to work for it.

The main attraction of the zoo, for my mom and for Namine, was the giant pandas. (The red pandas and their cuteness was also a thing, but at least we have those in Milwaukee.) Jessica, Namine, and I had already seen Komodo Dragons in Tennessee, but we were excited to see them again, too.

My favorite part of the zoo was easily the reptile house. Namine, despite her love of cute and cuddly animals, lingered the most in there, as well. The startling array of snakes, lizards, turtles, and frogs held her attention much longer than anything else the zoo had to offer.

The reptile house wasn’t Namine’s favorite exhibit, though. That honor was reserved for the naked mole rats. She loved watching them crawl all around their underground (yet windowed) home. She thought it was especially funny that they crawled over each other. Namine declared later that she would love to have no less than one hundred naked mole rats to hold in her arms, to hug and to love.

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