A night off

Namine stayed home from dance to rest her leg.

Under ordinary circumstances, Namine would have gone to dance class last night. A broken leg, however, is not ordinary. Namine’s orthopedic surgeon gave her permission to attend therapy and dance, but she’s just not feeling up to it yet.

Even though she’s still in pain, each new day sees Namine doing better and better. She’s not taking something for the pain as often, and she’s scooting around more. Yesterday she was sitting in her recliner for most of the day, but today she’s been playing on the floor and moving around. And when she does use her recliner, she’s climbing in and out of it.

My parents stopped by yesterday, so while they were here, they each signed Namine’s cast. Then before Namine went to bed, Jessica and I signed and drew on it as well.

When Namine and I were driving home from the ER, she said to me: “I don’t like this part of my life, right now.” When I asked what she meant, she said, “I have to pretend to be a baby. I can’t move around by myself, and you or Mommy have to carry me everywhere.”

Of course, that was before she got a pass from her doctor to move around and put weight on the broken leg. True to the tough cookie she is, she’s been testing it and pushing herself more each day. Tonight, she said to me, “I don’t think I mind this part of my life after all, Daddy. My leg still hurts, but I climbed out of bed aaaaall by myself this morning. I’m starting to feel good about my leg again.”

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