Stretches and dancing

Dance is sometimes difficult, but that has never kept Namine from giving her best effort.

When it came time to practice arabesques in ballet, Namine asked me if I’d help her walk without her walker. I was happy to.

I held Namine about the waist so she’d be able to hold her arms out at her sides. She took a step, then bent at the waist. She stuck her right leg out as far as she could behind her, then stood upright again. She took another step and repeated the same thing with her left leg. She stopped, and stood up. She didn’t take another step forward.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I can’t get my leg to go back.”

“Just do what you can,” I suggested. “Take your time, there’s no rush.”

Namine didn’t let her uncooperative leg discourage her for long. She stepped and bent at the waist, kicking behind her with her right leg.

After ballet was over, before jazz class started, Namine got into her walker. She knew it would take her longer than her classmates, and she wanted to be ready. When the rest of the class was still goofing off, Namine was standing and doing her stretches.

When it was time to practice kicks, Namine asked me if I’d help her cross the floor without her walker. Of course, I said.

Holding her arms out while I helped her walk, Namine had more success kicking forward then backward.

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  1. Jolene Philo Avatar
    Jolene Philo

    This girl has more determination than any child I know. And the pink tutu is gorgeous. Thanks for adding this to’s Tuesday special needs link up.

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