No worries, though. It’s been fixed now.

Namine was at a play date. It was time to leave, and she had climbed into her wheelchair. Suddenly Jessica noticed that the backrest of the chair was broken. She called our healthcare equipment provider, who said he’d be happy to come out the next morning to fix it. Obviously, that wouldn’t work. Namine had therapy, so we couldn’t wait. The tech said we could come to his office directly, and he’d fix it. That was out of our way, but much more desirable.

As it turned out, the repair itself was simple: it didn’t even take five minutes. The repair tech said he didn’t think it was anyone’s fault — a screw and a washer had just come out, and sometimes these things just happen. He checked the rest of the chair’s connective bits to make sure nothing else was loose, and sent us on our way.

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