Make A Wish: a rough start

We discovered today that Namine gets airsick.

We got up early this morning for Namine’s Make A Wish trip. And I do mean early: Jessica and I were ready to go (and rechecking our luggage) by 3:30, and Namine was dressed and ready to go by 4:15.

The limo from Make A Wish was scheduled to arrive by 5:00. But it was a good thing we were ready early, because it pulled up outside our apartment around 4:30. Namine was quite thrilled to ride in a limo for the first time.

Our flight wasn’t until 7:15, but that’s the way it goes when you have to travel by plane: hurry up and wait. Being a Make A Wish family, we were allowed to board first. Namine, having first pick at seating, chose a window seat right up in front.

I don’t know if it was the excitement, if she just got airsick, or a combination of the two. I do, however, know the result: she threw up. There was quite a mess, but the flight attendant was very nice about helping me clean it up.

Namine was fine for the rest of the flight, although she kept the window shade closed for the majority of it. At my suggestion, she started writing about her morning in her notebook (along with — of course — illustrations of the morning’s events).

When the plane started its descent, Namine opened her window shade to watch the land rise to meet us. But then she started to feel urpy, so she quickly closed it again. I don’t know what she expected to happen when we landed, but it probably wasn’t the massive rumbling. When the plane finally came to a stop, she turned to me and said, “That was like the craziest bus ride ever!”

The plane ride was pretty rough on Namine. The plan has been to fly down and fly home, but I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. I certainly don’t want to subject her to more throwing up if we can help it.

As we left the terminal, we saw a man holding a sign that read: “NAMINE EICHE, MAKE A WISH.” He was accompanied by two pirates. I don’t recall telling our Make A Wish contacts how much Namine loves pirates, but if it was merely a coincident, it couldn’t have been a happier one.

We spent the remainder of the day relaxing at the resort. Namine had an early, busy, long day. She fell asleep pretty much immediately when I tucked her in — at her normal bedtime, but since we’re in Florida, it ends up being an hour earlier than usual.

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