Make A Wish party

Tonight was Namine’s “bon voyage” party before we leave for her Make A Wish next week.

Namine’s party was at Dave & Buster’s, which is sort of like Chuck E. Cheese’s for adults. I say “sort of” because there are still plenty of video games for kids, and Namine had a great time.

The party started at 6:00, and shortly thereafter, a waitress came into the party room to take our orders. Namine knew exactly what she wanted: breaded shrimp. She was quick to remind me that she didn’t need help removing the tails, which you know are not for eating, Dad. (She’s so ‘tudey sometimes.)

While we waited for our food, Namine played with her cousin Olivia.

A D&B manager came in and gave the two children their game cards — which are swiped in the game consoles instead of having to worry about tokens — so Namine led me out into the chaos. She wandered for a bit, taking in the bright colors and loud noises, and settled on a Batman racing game. (This thing is seriously cool. You could pick the Batmobile from every single movie and TV show iteration since the original with Adam West.)

In case you’re wondering, the little princess picked the Tumbler.

We had time for one game, and then we were called in to eat. After we had finished our dinner, Namine got to open presents. It was just like a birthday! My mom gave Namine a new book, a pad, and a stack of colored pencils with a neat carrying case. The Make A Wish folks, Anissa and Rachel, also gave Namine some send-off presents — they gave her a couple dolls and a Make A Wish shirt and towel.

After Namine had opened all her presents, she asked to go back out and play video games. The game cards we had were good for unlimited games, but a limited number of ticket-dispensing games. Jessica and Namine played as many of those as they could, and Namine finished the night with over 3,000 tickets. With that, she was able to win several more toys: a squishy rubber thing (I don’t even know), a plushy character named Oh from the movie Home (which is a great movie, if you haven’t seen it go do it now), and a pair of My Little Pony headphones (I am totally borrowing those, they are awesome).

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