Hot air balloons

A trip south to see hot air balloons ended in disappointment, but we still had fun.

We visited Namine’s Auntie Diane today. Diane is no more Namine’s aunt than her Uncle Matt is actually her uncle, of course. But being Jessica’s BFF, Diane is just as close as any by blood. We haven’t seen her since last year, so today’s road trip across the state border was welcome indeed.

In the evening, we went to see the launching of hot air balloons. Unfortunately, the weather was just as wretched as it had been all day. Always one to see the brighter side of things, Namine saw this as a singular opportunity to use the new bee umbrella Diane had given her. (This was meant to have been a Christmas present, but it suited as a late birthday present, too. :)

After parking the car, we were able to walk most of the way by sidewalk. When the sidewalk ended, I pushed Namine’s wheelchair across the grass.

Namine was nothing short of amazed when we came into the clearing and saw the six hot air balloons. Five were already up and looked ready to take off, the sixth being blown up as we watched. We waited for a while — I’m not sure how long — but they never took off.

We approached the balloons to find out what was going on, only to find that they were not going to launch due to the bad weather. It was a bit of a disappointment, but we were still glad we got to come at all.

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  1. That sucks you didn’t get to enjoy the full balloon show.

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