Fairy Fest

Namine and her cousin attended a little fairy-themed arts and crafts festival over the weekend.

It was super hot on Saturday. But all things considered, I’d prefer that to rainy. If I know my lore, fairies (or, if you’re proper, faeries) can’t go out in the rain anyway. Both Namine and her cousin wore their fairy wings and brought a wand.

Once we got our tickets and we went inside — although “inside” here is a figure of speech, because it was all outdoors — the first thing the girls wanted to do was get their faces painted. Unfortunately, the line for face painting was obscenely long. (Namine’s uncle stood in line and held our place for an hour and a half.)

In the meantime, the rest of us — Jessica, Namine, myself, and Namine’s cousin and aunt — went to find the arts and crafts. There was coloring and painting inside, sort of. It was inside a greenhouse. There were fans, but all they did was pretty much just blow hot air around. The girls still had fun, though. (I think it was more uncomfortable for the adults.)

After making some art, we came back outside where it wasn’t quite as hot (and that’s saying something). A woman dressed in her own fairy wings and face paint announced that she would be reading a story, so anyone who wanted to take part in Fairy Story Time should follow her. What fairy-loving child could say no?

After story time was over, we checked with Namine’s uncle to see how the line was coming along. He was almost to the end of it, so Namine and her cousin took their places. When I asked Namine what she would like her face painting to be, she was very specific. She told the lady that she wanted a large rainbow butterfly, covering her entire face.

At this point, we hadn’t yet exhausted the things available to do at Fairy Fest (although we were close), but we had exhausted our energy. We were all sweaty and a little tired, and we were all looking forward to some air conditioning. But before we left, the girls got to decorate their own cookies.