Balloon organs

Every once in a while, Namine says something that makes us go, “what??”

Jessica and I were making dinner the other night. Namine was in the living room making something with a balloon — but I didn’t know that. Then we heard her call in:

“Would you like to come see my body organ?”

What. Jessica and I exchanged looks, honestly not knowing what to expect. Namine came into the kitchen holding a pink balloon. “I made a pair of balloon lungs!”

Namine had received a package from her school a few weeks ago containing long balloons, like the kind used by clowns at parties. It was part of her enrollment in an extracurricular class, in which she and her classmates learned to make all kinds of things with balloons. She’s made animals and flowers, and now — using her own imagination — a pair of lungs.

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  1. Ginger Rambo Avatar
    Ginger Rambo

    Love your creativity. You used your lungs to create balloon lungs. Very clever!

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