We have arrived, safe and sound.

Jessica’s cousin (second cousin, actually) is getting married tomorrow, and we have the good fortune of being able to attend. Since the wedding is in Indiana, and we live in Wisconsin, it’s a bit of a drive. Google Maps told me it was a three and a half hour drive, but it lies. It lies! (Actually, it’s not Maps’ fault. There were several accidents, and plenty of construction as well. But I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to say that the Google overlords probably control that, too.)

We had originally planned on leaving around noon, but plans change, as plans are wont to do. So we ended up not leaving until around 7:00. We arrived at 12:00 in the morning — although being an hour ahead, it was 1:00. Waaay past Namine’s bedtime.

Speaking of beds, we weren’t comfortable with letting Namine sleep by herself on a bed so high up. So we dragged the mattress onto the floor, padding the sides with some extra pillows. Namine had the biggest grin on her face as she climbed into bed — a bed her height, just like her mattress at home.

I sang You Are My Sunshine to Namine, and she (predictably) fell right asleep. Long drives are not always easy, especially when they are nearly doubled in size due to circumstances out of your control. But we made it safely — that’s what matters — and we’re looking forward to an amazing day tomorrow.

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