While my parents are on vacation, it is left to those left behind to care for their cats. Namine accompanied me on one trip to their house.

I was originally planning on making the trip to my parents’ house alone, but Namine wanted to come along. So the two of us went. The cats’ litter boxes are downstairs, and since Namine suffers extreme allergic reactions (despite being on Claritin) every time she goes down there, I told her on the way over that I wanted her to stay upstairs. She was fine with that; my parents have one of the bedrooms set up as her own, complete with canopy bed, stuffed toys, and coloring books and drawing pads galore.

So I went about my nasty business of cleaning the cats’ boxes. It’s not something I miss from my days of living with my parents, but I don’t mind helping out from time to time. When I was done, I took out the trash and went back into Namine’s room. And what do I find, but Namine’s cat Bun Bun snuggling up to her while she’s coloring.


We had some fun meowing at the cat before we left for home.

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