Namine and my aunt made brownies this morning. It’s not often we make brownies before breakfast, but you need a break every now and then. Even better, Namine was thrilled to wear her new chef apron and hat.


When we were at the cooking supply store, we had asked Namine to pick out an apron and hat for herself. There were two choices: pink and blue. The pink had pictures of cupcakes and hearts. The blue had pictures of tools and a smiley face. I fully expected her to pick the pink — it is, after all, her self-proclaimed favorite color (most days, anyway). But she picked the blue. When we asked her why she wanted the blue, and not the pink, she responded, “Blue can be a girl’s color too.”

Sometimes, when we make food — be it an actual meal or dessert — we have Namine sit on the counter or at the table. But sometimes it’s just easier for her to sit on the floor. With such a large mixing bowl, sitting on the floor did not require her to reach up and over.



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