Today was a fantastic day. We’re fortunate enough to have been able to come up to my aunt’s for the weekend, and the weather was superb today. Namine and I had the chance to go for a walk, and more.

Namine has always been a sucker for the outdoors. Even when she was a tiny thing, just sitting outside in the sun was a treat. Now that the weather is nicer (after this long Wisconsin winter), we’ve been trying to go on walks more often.


We went for a walk for a while out on the road, which is never very busy. Still, it was a good time to test Namine’s crossing-the-street habits. Then we went in the back yard and she wheeled around on the bricked area for a while. After she tired of that, she climbed out of her wheelchair and played in the yard.


Nothing’s going to stop this girl from exploring.


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