April 2014

  • Bracelet

    Namine made me a bracelet using patterns. ❤️

  • Looking ahead

    Looking ahead

    We went to the mall yesterday. What reason could we possibly have? Why, to ride the train, of course!

  • On the way to the hospital

    On the way to the hospital

    Jessica spent the night at the hospital with her mom, and I stayed at home with Namine. On the way to the hospital this morning, we stopped at Starbucks to get Jessica a coffee.

  • Irregardless, a Chrome extension

    Irregardless, a Chrome extension

    I wrote an extension for Chrome at lunch today. Its function is simple: to replace instances of the word “irregardless” with “regardless.” Use real words, kids.

  • In the hospital

    In the hospital

    Jessica’s mom Charlene is still in the hospital, with home nowhere in sight. While she was initially admitted for heart failure — and a malfunctioning pacemaker/defibrillator — she has recently suffered stage four kidney failure and is now undergoing dialysis. It’s all we can do now to be there for her as much as possible.

  • Motives and movies

    Motives and movies

    It’s no surprise to me that in fiction, Namine likes powerful characters. She has limited control over her own situations in life, so heroes (and even villains) who can do what they want, when they want, have a certain appeal.

  • Easter basket buddies

    Easter basket buddies

    We were late to church yesterday. We’ve never been great at getting out the door, but at least we made it in time to catch the sermon.

  • Easter eggs and earrings

    Easter eggs and earrings

    Namine has had a busy day today. She got to dye Easter eggs with both sides of our families, and she even got her ears pierced.

  • Balancing a busy life

    Balancing a busy life

    Jessica’s mom is still in the hospital. It’s not my place to talk about her situation or circumstance — that’s for Jessica to write about, should she choose to — but please keep her in your prayers. Jessica and Namine will likely be paying her a visit after they’re done with school today, and I…

  • School comes with us

    School comes with us

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: this is where Namine’s virtual school shows its value. We’re in the hospital again — not for Namine this time, but Jessica’s mom. A day in the hospital doesn’t mean a day away from school, though. As long as we have Namine’s books and laptop, we…

  • A throwback post

    A throwback post

    My Aunt CR came across some pictures and videos of Namine from 2010. Man, was she a little peanut.

  • Back to school

    Back to school

    Today is the second full day that Namine is completely off her pain medication, with no trace of pain — abdominal or otherwise.* As her health has improved, we’ve been able to resume her schooling. She’s very excited to be learning again.