In the hospital

Jessica’s mom Charlene is still in the hospital, with home nowhere in sight. While she was initially admitted for heart failure — and a malfunctioning pacemaker/defibrillator — she has recently suffered stage four kidney failure and is now undergoing dialysis. It’s all we can do now to be there for her as much as possible.

Easter basket buddies

We were late to church yesterday. We’ve never been great at getting out the door, but at least we made it in time to catch the sermon. The church was packed, but they had an area where they were showing the live-recorded service. Namine thought it was weird that we were watching church on a large screen, but she still paid attention and sang along.

Balancing a busy life

Jessica’s mom is still in the hospital. It’s not my place to talk about her situation or circumstance — that’s for Jessica to write about, should she choose to — but please keep her in your prayers. Jessica and Namine will likely be paying her a visit after they’re done with school today, and I will meet them there after work. I think that’s the plan, anyway.

School comes with us

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: this is where Namine’s virtual school shows its value. We’re in the hospital again — not for Namine this time, but Jessica’s mom. A day in the hospital doesn’t mean a day away from school, though. As long as we have Namine’s books and laptop, we can have school.