Easter basket buddies

We were late to church yesterday. We’ve never been great at getting out the door, but at least we made it in time to catch the sermon.

The church was packed, but they had an area where they were showing the live-recorded service. Namine thought it was weird that we were watching church on a large screen, but she still paid attention and sang along.

After the service, we said hi to my family before we headed down to Jessica's sister's house.
After the service, we said hi to my family before we headed down to Jessica’s sister’s house.

Jessica and I had made beans the night before — though mostly Jessica, because no one should trust me alone in a kitchen — and that’s what we brought down to Ann’s. It was a smaller gathering than previous years, which was strange, but we all still had fun. It was odd to be able to fit all the adults at one table, while the children — just Namine and Olivia, this year — sat in the living room. Those two always behave themselves.

Namine and Olivia, with help from me and Pete, decorated mini- and regular-sized cupcakes. By the end of it, Pete and I were doing most of the decorating, while the girls ate frosting and “sprinkers” (as Olivia called them).


When we went back inside, Olivia and Namine went in Olivia’s bedroom to play. After a little while, we heard coughing. Olivia had a bit of a cough, and we knew this, but now this was coming from both girls. What’s going on? We wondered. Jessica’s sister Melissa went to check on them, and came back out laughing.

Olivia has a humidifier in her room. She had turned it on, and both girls were sitting around it, leaning in and sniffing the expelled humidity.

We’re going to have to watch these two closely.


After lunch, it was time for an Easter egg hunt, but we wanted to take some pictures of the girls before they changed out of their dresses.

Namine sits still a little better than her younger cousin.

Namine does most of her scooting (which she now refers to as “hopping”) and crawling indoors, so it was a challenge for her to get around the yard. She was somewhat visibly frustrated that it was taking her so long to collect eggs, and she was grateful when Olivia started helping her out. After all, that’s what friends are for.


Pete and I had put the Easter eggs out in the yard earlier, not realizing that it would get warm. As a result, the wrapped chocolate inside the eggs ended up melting. Oh well.

Afterward, when the food was eaten and the eggs were found, we sat outside. I learned how to play Cribbage, and the girls played in the back yard. They blew bubbles, played in the sand, and generally just had a good time.


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