Jessica’s mom is still in the hospital. It’s not my place to talk about her situation or circumstance — that’s for Jessica to write about, should she choose to — but please keep her in your prayers. Jessica and Namine will likely be paying her a visit after they’re done with school today, and I will meet them there after work. I think that’s the plan, anyway.


Speaking of school, we were driving past Bethel, the church in which Namine’s preschool, Mary Linsmeier, was held. I know Namine has a good memory, so I asked her if she remembered her old school. Her response was long and accurate, as she launched into a speech about how certain classmates would vocally and physically bully her and other girls. She closed with a simple finality: “But that’s not my school anymore. Now my school is at home.”

I think she misses the social interaction — that of friends, at any rate — but I suspect she will approach new children with more caution and less abandon. I do not think she’ll forget the bullies in preschool anytime soon, but neither do I think the experience has fundamentally changed her. She is still the silly, outgoing, bubbly little big girl* we love.

Namine spins donuts in the waiting area while the valet fetches our car.
Namine spins donuts in the waiting area while the valet fetches our car.

* Namine often corrects us. “I’m not a little girl, I’m a big girl!” She still likes it when I call her my little love, though. To her, that’s not a comment on her size — it’s a term of endearment, and one she treasures.

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