Namine is afraid of the doctor’s office. When she has an appointment, she throws up; it’s a rare occasion indeed when she doesn’t. Knowing this, though, makes the reassurance she gave to Jessica all the more special.

Jessica has an important appointment at the hospital tomorrow. I’m not going to get into that; that’s for her to disclose, and to whom she sees fit. But it is sufficient to say that we are worried, so you can be sure that Namine is, too. Earlier today, she was crying and tonight she had little appetite for her egg salad – and if there’s one thing she loves, it’s eggs.

Fragile though she is, Namine has inside what I refer to as a streak of blue steel. She has a strength she barely realizes: a grit and determination that shows through when she needs it, and we saw a glimpse of it tonight.

After saying our nighttime prayers, Namine leaned in for a hug and kiss. But she stopped short, looking Jessica in the eye. “I will come to the doctor with you, Mommy. I will come with you and bring you home safe. Nothing will happen, Mommy. I will keep you safe and never leave you.”

Even with as much as she fears and hates the hospital, she promises to come with us, for the sole reason of keeping Jessica safe. How could I deserve such a brave and loving child?

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