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It’s no surprise to me that in fiction, Namine likes powerful characters. She has limited control over her own situations in life, so heroes (and even villains) who can do what they want, when they want, have a certain appeal.

I was a big DC Comics geek when I was a kid, but Namine seems to be more of a Marvel fan. She likes Batman, but the Hulk seems to be her all-time favorite. Anyway, we were watching TV a number of days ago — I forget when — and a preview for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 came on. We’ve been watching the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series on Netflix, and so she’s been on this kind of on-again, off-again Spider-Man kick.

Watching the preview, Namine got really excited about the new Spider-Man movie, but of course, it’s going to be rated PG-13. On the other hand, she’s seen The Avengers, and she understands the difference between fantasy and reality, even in the context of a live-action movie. So Jessica and I decided that we’d all watch the The Amazing Spider-Man together, and see how that went. I think it went well.

(Note: spoilers of the movie follow, sort of. If you haven’t seen it already, I would recommend you do so. In Jessica’s and my opinion, it is far superior to either of the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies (although it is a shame they never made a third one).

We watched the first half of the movie a couple nights ago, and we finished it up last night. During the Lizard’s transformation, Namine said to me that she thought he was turning into the Hulk. When he went on a rampage, terrorizing the city, she again questioned his motives. She liked the character — turning into a giant, powerful lizard was pretty cool, she thought — but she wanted him to be a hero. She liked seeing the Lizard in action until she realized that he was a bad guy. By the end of the movie, she was relieved that he was turned back into a human, so he could no longer hurt anyone.

Then sometime around 3:00 in the morning, Namine woke me up yelling.

Dad! Daaaa-aaad! Daaaaaaad! I gotta tell you about my weird dream! I had a really weird dream and I gotta tell you about it right nooow!

As it turns out, Namine had a dream about a giant mechanical Lizard. My first thought, as Namine explained her dream, was that it was a nightmare. But she said no, it was just a crazy dream. It was about the Lizard, who was back in half-lizard, half-robot form. I wondered where the robot influence came from, although she’s shown steampunk leanings before.

So later today, we watched the most recent trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 again. Near the end, when they show Rhino in his giant mechanical suit, Namine exclaimed, “Hey! That looks like the robot Lizard in my crazy dream!”

Going back to Namine’s dream: in it, the cyborg Lizard succeeded in turning Spider-Man evil. This very much bothered her, because being a hero when you can do amazing things is very important to her. She didn’t want to see the new Spider-Man movie if he became evil. I assured her that Spider-Man was indeed still a good guy, and he always would be.* She was relieved, and was once again excited about the new movie.

* I figure it’ll be a while before she gets around to reading The Clone Saga or anything about the Symbiote.

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