2013 in review

Kids, this has been one crazy year. I can assure you, never did we think at the start of it that Namine would have endured half the stuff she has, to say nothing of getting a prosthetic and having heart surgery.


Despite Namine’s crazy sleep pattern the night before last, she performed admirably in therapy. However tired she may have been, she worked her little butt off.

Taken for granted

Before Namine was born, I thought of the handicap bathroom stall as nothing more than a luxury upgrade to the regular stalls. Now, I have the firsthand experience to know better.

Just sleep already!

So Namine has been up since four o’clock this morning. I have no idea why she won’t sleep. She isn’t in pain or sick or anything else. I am tired and Paul had to get up for work in an hour. She usually sleeps until ten! I am going to be exhausted today.

Thus quoth my wife this morning. Namine has therapy this afternoon at 2:30, so I’m hoping the two of them can get some semblance of rest before then. It remains to be seen how Namine will behave in therapy.

Pff, “cleaning”

We were going to clean up the living room and take down the tree today. We got the living room mostly clear when we said to each other, “You know what? The living room can wait, and the tree can stay up. Let’s go to the mall.”


Namine did not have a good day at therapy yesterday. Some days are better than others – that’s true of anyone – but lately she’s been complaining of more pain than usual. Considering that she’d rather suffer in silence than admit pain, that’s saying something.

Broken already

So Namine broke one of her toys already. File this one under “she doesn’t know her own strength,” but it still wouldn’t have happened if she had listened in the first place.

Christmas Eve and Morning

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was fantastic, even though we drove around quite a bit. It comes with the territory, when you have family that lives a good distance apart, but well worth the travel.