New dress

We took Namine to the store and got her a new Christmas outfit. You could say she was excited. We took a bunch of pictures of the little diva in front of the lit Christmas tree. Here they are.

Lights up

We’ve been so busy lately, that we hadn’t had time to put up the tree or do anything more than decorate our window. But with yesterday’s snowfall, it seemed the perfect thing to do – not just because we were more or less snowed in, but also because it seemed like the ideal Christmassy day. Turn on some Christmas music and get to decorating. It was fantastic.

Out and about

On Saturday we took Namine to a movie. It was a showing of Free Birds, put on by the Variety children’s charity group for disabled kids. After the movie, they provided pizza and presents. Namine picked out a couple books and got a poster and a Katy Perry hoodie.

Decorating the window

In lieu of putting up other decorations, like the tree (which we have not have time for, unfortunately), we settled for a simpler solution in case we didn’t get around to the bigger stuff. And it’s one that Namine could help with: painting the window with a tree and nativity scene, then decorating it with lights and homemade ornaments. Out of everything we did, Namine really got into making her own ornaments.