We’ve been so busy lately, that we hadn’t had time to put up the tree or do anything more than decorate our window. But with yesterday’s snowfall, it seemed the perfect thing to do – not just because we were more or less snowed in, but also because it seemed like the ideal Christmassy day. Turn on some Christmas music and get to decorating. It was fantastic.

I put the tree up myself, but as soon as that was done, Namine was eager to help. She handed me the lights as I rotated the tree and strung them up. She put ornaments on the tree as high as she could reach (which, I’ll admit, is higher than I thought).


And when the tree was sufficiently ornamented – though not with all the ornaments, there are already far too many for our little tree – I held Namine up to christen the tree with Jessica’s angel.


After the tree was finished, Jessica brought out a gingerbread house for us to build. We’d had this thing sitting in a box since last year, but we never got around to making it. We had to keep an eye on Namine so she didn’t eat the year-old frosting.


Later on in the evening, we helped Namine get into her new Christmas dress and took some pictures. I’ll upload some more later. She was very excited – and consequently had trouble staying still – to be dressed in her Christmas best, in front of the shining tree.



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