So Namine broke one of her toys already. File this one under “she doesn’t know her own strength,” but it still wouldn’t have happened if she had listened in the first place.


One of the toys we got Namine for Christmas – and the one she was most ecstatic about, save for the cape – was the Rainbow Dash Equestria Girl. It’s okay if you don’t know what that is, and you probably wouldn’t unless you have a girl (or are a brony). It’s a My Little Pony, except it’s a girl, not a pony.

So anyway, her boots? They come off. But they don’t fit over her feet or anything – the top of the boots clip onto where her shins end in pegs. Namine was having trouble getting one of Rainbow Dash’s boots off, but she wasn’t pulling on the boot and holding onto the leg. She was grabbing the boot and leg in one hand and the body in the other. Jessica told her where to hold, and she told her to wait. Guess what? Namine didn’t listen.

Pop! and out came the leg from the ball socket.

Now, this happened when I was at work. So Jessica tried and tried and tried to get the leg back in. She tried forcing it back onto into its socket. She tried prying the leg apart at the seam around where it fit into the socket. Nothing.

When I got home, I too tried to fit the leg back into its socket. Long story short, Jessica had the right idea in prying the leg open; she just didn’t pry it far enough. Once I got it back in place, the plastic snapped right back over. There are some scratches where we pried the leg open, but unless you look closely, you can’t really tell.

Namine got a scolding from both Jessica and myself, but the toy – broken or not – is not the issue. As my Grandma Eiche would say, “And what have we learned from this?” There are two equally important points we want Namine to understand coming away from this. First, that she should have listened to Jessica. Second, that she should be responsible enough to take care of her own toys.

When I tucked Namine into bed this evening, she apologized again. “Daddy, I’m sorry I broke my Rainbow Dash girl.”

“You’re forgiven, Namine. Mommy and I said you were forgiven before, and you still are.”

“I promise to take good care of her. I’ll be careful with her, Daddy.”

“I know you will.” (I wasn’t just saying that. I saw how worried and concerned she was when the toy was still broken.)

“I love you, Daddy. Good night.”


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