Namine seems to be fine once again with taking her medication. She understands – at least in broad strokes, if not in finer detail – what she takes and why. So I decided to test her.


Namine takes a strange dosage of coumadin. The result is that I have to cut two different pills in half and give each to Namine, plus another half-pill of another medication. To see if Namine was paying attention, I only gave her two pills: one of the coumadin half-pills, and the other half-pill. Namine immediately looked up at me.

“Hey, where’s my other coumadin?”

“I’ve got it right here, sweetie. Here you go.”

“Thanks, Daddy.”

I am glad to know that Namine is not only paying attention, but she also knows the names of even her more recently prescribed medication. She makes me proud.


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