A love of reading

Namine is thrilled about most things that, in so doing, indicate that she is a “big girl.” Not so with chapter books, though. She has no desire to read a book just because it has chapters. In this way she is much like me; a book must pull me in, it must interest me. So too with her.

Heart surgery next month

We were supposed to have an appointment with cardiology on Friday, but it was cancelled – not by us, though. The nurse called Jessica and said that the doctor had already discussed everything with us that needed to be discussed. There was no point in another appointment, and they would let us know when they scheduled Namine’s Fontan. Oh, by the way, it will be within a month’s time.

Seating clinic

Namine has had a lot of clinic appointments lately, the latest being at the seating clinic. The appointment at the seating clinic, where Namine goes for measurements and fittings for the wheelchair and walker, went well.

Dental clinic

Namine had a dental appointment late this morning. This is the first appointment with her new dentist; she graduated, according to the hospital, and she liked this one better.

ENT clinic

Namine had an appointment today at the ENT clinic. These are always the most dreaded, out of all the appointments she could have, especially when there is a good possibility that her ears will need to be sucked out. Fortunately, that turned out not to be the case.