Home for the Fourth

After coming home from the hospital, we had planned on staying home since we figured that Namine would not be feeling up to going anywhere. We were wrong.

Namine was quite excited at the prospect of going over to Gramma’s for lunch. She ate pretty well, considering that she doesn’t yet have her full appetite back. But her fever was gone, and she was squealing with delight at the food and company. It was such a pleasure to see her smile again.

We had decided prior to her being hospitalized that we would take her this year to see the fireworks. This had one caveat: she could go, as long as her heart cath results came back positive. With the way you can feel the fireworks booming in your chest, we didn’t want to take any chances in that regard. But that’s a moot point, since her cath results came back with nothing but good news.

Namine was thrilled to be allowed to scoot around again, after being cooped up in the hospital. And when the fireworks started, she could barely contain herself. Any worry we had that she would be afraid because of the sound or the boom in her chest was dismissed; she absolutely loved it.

Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived. There was an accident and a ground explosion resulting in injury. The fireworks were canceled, and we went home early. Well, at least we know now that she loves fireworks.

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