Namine is thrilled about most things that, in so doing, indicate that she is a “big girl.” Not so with chapter books, though. She has no desire to read a book just because it has chapters. In this way she is much like me; a book must pull me in, it must interest me. So too with her.

Jessica and I started reading a chapter book with Namine some time ago, one entitled The One and Only Ivan. It’s about a gorilla in a circus, and it hardly held Namine’s interest at all. I thought it was interesting, but she disagreed.

Namine and I started reading The Wizard of Oz tonight. It may not be a chapter book, but it’s long enough that we need to split it up into a section a night. And how rapt Namine has listened, waiting to hear what would happen next. We left off at Dorothy arriving at the Scarecrow, and when I tucked Namine in for the night, she was talking excitedly about Dorothy and the land of Oz.

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