In an attempt to get my Google Keep extension accepted once again into the Chrome web store, I have rebranded it. In the meantime, however, I have updated it to version 1.7 and committed the changes to its Github project. Read on for change highlights.

One of the common requests – even before Google canned it – was to enable user switching. In a previous update, I had hidden Google’s black bar because it looked like ass on a small window. I’ve re-enabled it now, hiding the stuff that doesn’t pertain to Keep.


Another request was to be able to switch easily between the panel and tab. Boom, done.


I’ve removed the options page and incorporated an options dialog box inside Keep itself. I eliminated the width and height options because the panel often ignores them – this is a Chrome bug, not something over which I have control. The options dialog will scale itself nicely based upon your screen size (unlike Google’s feedback dialog, which I plan on forcing to resize in a future update.)



You’ll notice that gone is the option to specify how Keep opens, whether in a tab, popup, or panel. Instead, this is driven by the “send to” arrow in the upper right corner. On installing the extension, it will default to opening in a panel, only defaulting to a popup of you have not enabled panels in chrome://flags. Once you send it to a tab, it will remember that decision and open in a tab next time (and vice versa).

The extension will also remember the last location you visit. If you were in the Archived Notes, it will go straight to Archived Notes next time you open Keep. Did you switch to a secondary account? The extension will remember that, and take you there next time you open it. I plan on making it remember List/Grid view selection in a future update.

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