Cath Before the Fontan

We’re trying to schedule Namine’s heart catheterization for the Fontan.

Hi all this is Jessica posting.

I have been waiting for the cath lab to call and schedule Namine’s upcoming procedure. It seems that they are busy busy busy. I finally got a call from them and they were looking for a spot for Namine, most of July was already taken.  So they called back today and they had one spot left for us and the only thing that would change is if they needed to do an emergency procedure, then Namine would be bumped. My worst fear is that there is going to be an emergency and then I have no idea when they will get her into the cath lab.  If we have to wait until August that pushes the surgery off and from the sound of it we might have to wait even longer if she does get bumped.

Namine needs this cath to show if there are AVM’s or capillaries growing where they shouldn’t be. It will also tell the surgeon if she needs her heart surgery sooner than later.  It also shows the surgeon what needs to be done.  So it is important that we have this procedure before the heart surgery.

Just keep us, especially Namine, in your prayers because it is going to be a long road of recovery.

On a happy note Namine has been working really hard at therapy and has been walking for  almost ten minutes on the treadmill.  It is so awesome to see her working so hard.  I hope after surgery her endurance will be where it is, or if not she will get back to it quickly.  She is so tall when she stands up in her walker.  Paul has posted many videos that I have taken or Michele Eiche has taken.  Today Namine walked for for almost twelve minutes.   She is also able to get from her wheelchair to her walker and now she can go from a sitting position to pulling herself up into her walker.  She is just making leaps and bounds.  Thanks to her therapists and of course her parents as well.

I got a little long winded but thanks for visiting our site.


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