Tomorrow is the day

Well, we have the official word from Day Surgery for tomorrow’s procedure, Namine’s heart catheterization.

We have to be there at 8:30, two hours ahead of time. They’ll take her back at 10:30 (give or take an hour, you know the hospital). The procedure itself will take two to three hours.

The doctors estimate that after the procedure is done, it will take Namine about an hour to wake up. From there, we have to wait another six hours or so before we can go home. Why? Because a heart cath is no walk in the park, and there can be complications. Aside from your typical side effects from any invasive procedure such as pain, a heart cath can also lead to heart attack, stroke, clots, nerve and arterial damage, and even organ failure. In reading up on what a heart cath entails and what it can lead to, this is what I think of:

I want to be prepared, so I have to know the worst. But I trust Children’s Hospital (as long as she’s not being seen by anyone in orthopedics). And a certain amount of faith is always required; she needs the cath done. Her cardiologist needs to know what’s going on inside her heart, and this is the way he can find out. God has brought Namine this far; Jessica and I have faith that God will bring Namine through this, too.

I imagine it’s been a bit of a shock to Namine, getting back into the swing of things – and by “things” I mean therapy and appointments – after such a relaxing vacation. She was pretty sassy yesterday at PT, refusing to walk for her therapist. She was better behaved last night, though. After spending so much time in Tennessee, she still has a bit of a drawl. Given enough time, though, I think it’ll disappear. I bet before too long, she’ll have her British accent back (which, by the way, she gets from her physical therapist).

But I digress. Here are some pictures of our vacation. These are just uploaded from my phone, so there aren’t too many. Jessica and my aunt have more, which I’ll upload later.

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