Namine had a pulmonology appointment the other day. She came away with good news: she can now start to be weaned off her inhalers.

I’ve talked about this before, but I feel it merits reiterating. Because Namine had a trach for two years, she has what her doctors refer to as lung disease. Her lungs don’t really have a disease; it’s just what the doctors call the atrophy that happens to trach patients. The lungs get weak from not having to breathe through the throat and mouth. (That’s what the HME and the Passy Muir were for; to build up her tolerance and endurance prior to being decannulated.)

Since being decannulated, Namine has needed to take two puffs of two different inhalers, twice a day. This helps her breathe more clearly and easily. Now, she is down to a single inhaler, and she only needs to take a single puff twice a day. Progress!

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