Ortho appointment today

Ortho appointments aren’t nearly the horror story they used to be, thanks to our switch to Dr. Black from he-who-must-not-be-named. (I’m not kidding. We don’t mention him by name because Namine has panic attacks when she hears it.) Today we met with Dr. Black in order to find out about her next surgery. There is…

I might as well get the bad news out of the way first. Namine’s hips are worse; because of the way her femurs connect, the angle at which they sit in their sockets (although they are still in their sockets, thankfully) is turning. This is slightly bad now, but is potentially very bad in the future. So much so that she may require hip surgery. But for now, she still has clearance to continue therapy and the doctor’s permission to walk.

That was bad; this next is worse. Namine has to have surgery on her feet again; but not new surgery. She has to have the club foot repair again, because Dr. Thometz fucked it up the first time. We were told that he removed a bone in her foot, the talus, which would free her foot to move more freely. Well, Namine’s hip, leg, and foot x-rays today revealed that – gasp! – the talus is present in both her feet. It turns out that what fuckhead did was bore out the talus and collapse it. This did allow for more movement, but not enough. And with not enough room, the bones in Namine’s small feet became compacted, and partially fused together. So now that her feet have regressed past their initial, original deformation*, she need the same surgery again – but this time, done right.

But now for some good news. And more than just that we trust in Namine’s new ortho doctor, too. Namine’s scoliosis, which we had feared would be worse, has in fact not worsened at all. It bears monitoring, of course, but at least it’s not gotten any worse.

Namine walked and jumped – oh yeah, she can jump – for Dr. Black and his small band of doctors. She was very good for her x-rays, and she was willing to subject her legs and feet to his (gentle) poking and prodding. In short, she was every bit the trooper she’s already proven herself to be.

* I say “deformation” only in comparison to normy feet. Namine’s feet – as they were, as they are, and however they may be in the future – are and always will be beautiful to me.

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