Namine has a bone spur in her left foot.

The first therapy session after her orthopedic surgeon gave the okay to leave her braces off, Namine complained of pain in her left foot. Scratch that. The phrase “complained of pain” doesn’t do it justice, because it was excruciating and she couldn’t put much weight on it. After some examination, her therapist concluded that Namine has a bone spur.

A bone spur occurs where joints meet, and in Namine’s case it’s in her heel. They’re often caused by inflammation or injury to nearby tendons, so it’s of no surprise to us that this has happened in Namine’s left foot.

Five years ago, Namine had her second clubfoot repair surgery. The first surgery was seven years ago, and it was not done or documented correctly. As a result, Namine almost lost her foot, and would have if not for the quick thinking and actions of her surgeons.

Now, we are most likely seeing further repercussions of the botched first surgery. The bones in Namine’s heel have been rubbing together, and it has resulted in a bone spur. It’s possible that it won’t get worse, and it may even get better. But monitoring it is important: if it does get worse, there is a possibility that the bone spur could sever a tendon in her foot.

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