A trip to the pumpkin farm

Yesterday we took Namine to a pumpkin farm. It was a vertitable parade – me, Jessica, Namine, my sister, my mom and dad, one of Jessica’s sisters, and her mom. We had a lot of fun. Namine had a blast, especially on the hay ride.

The first thing Namine got to do was go fishing. It was this game where they gave the kids a fishing pole with a metal loop on the end of the string, and the “fish” were carved out of wood, with a metal hook on the mouth for the fishing pole’s loop to catch with. Namine won a fish mask. She was willing to wear it long enough for us to snap a picture, but then said she was done with it. (I can’t say I blame her.)

The line for the hay ride was ginormously long because one of the tractors broke down, so in lieu of waiting, I took Namine over to see the goats. Loving animals like she does, she was excited to see them. She had no desire to pet them or feed them, but she was quite happy to talk to them. There was a ledge about 4 or 5 feet off the ground for the goats to climb up on, and Namine said to me, “Haha, the goat is up high! Is he gonna fall down?” I explained that goats like to climb, so she said to the goat, “Have fun climbing, goat!” Then she turned to me and said, “I want to see another goat!” and pointed to another goat that was walking around on the ground. After some time, my family hollered over to us to come back in the hay ride line. Leaving the goats behind, Namine called out, “Bye bye, goats, bye bye! See ya later!”

When we got on the hay ride, I let Namine sit on the bench next to me. She loved the bumpy ride, squealing with delight. When the tractor came to a stop, it was to drop us off at the entrance to the corn maze. When she saw the tall stalks, Namine said, “Wow, corn!” I carried Namine through the maze. We weren’t the first ones out, but we weren’t the last, either. I’m just glad Mom didn’t get lost this year.

The maze let out at the pumpkin patch. Jessica and I picked out a pumpkin to carve, and of course I was nominated to carry it. Jewel carried Namine for a while, until we were able to sit down at a table. We got some pictures of Namine sitting on a pumpkin, which she was quite happy about. She’s such a ham for the camera, anyway. Enjoy the pictures!

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