I was going to write about today’s trip to the pumpkin farm – and don’t worry, I will yet – but I have something much more pressing on my mind. I learned tonight through a friend over Facebook that his grandson has died, not yet 13 months old.

Sebastian was born with CRS – caudal regression syndrome – same as Namine. News of a child’s death always hurts more, but I talked more than once with his grandpa, having been in the same dark places when Namine was smaller, more fragile, and hanging on so precariously to life’s narrow ledge. I never knew the family, not personally, but I felt as if I did. Many things could have been different, we might have been mourning Namine instead of celebrating her.

I ask that you pray for Sebastian’s family. I have faith that God has shown His love and brought little Sebastian home to Him, but life goes on down here, and that’s the hard part. Sebastian’s suffering is over; his family’s is not, and they need strength and prayer.

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