Tomorrow Jessica and I are going to be helping out our friend and neighbor Leah with the kids’ area at Polish Fest, down at the Summerfest grounds. We’ll be helping to set up the games and prizes, and assisting with running the games, crafts, and activities. This will be our second year helping out, and we’re really looking forward to it because we had a blast last year.

My mom will be taking care of Namine for most of the day, since we have to get there kind of early and it’ll be a long day. Last year Namine didn’t mind sitting in her kid kart the whole time, since she wasn’t moving as much then. But she gets antsy a lot more quickly now, being accustomed to moving around on her own, and we’re also not sure what the weather will be like. If the weather is nice, though, my mom will bring Namine down to Polish Fest to see us and grab some sausage. How Namine loves sausage.

Today is, I believe, Namine’s first day back to pool therapy since her g-tube removal and hernia repair. (I could be wrong.) Namine’s recovery seems to be going quite well; she hasn’t needed or asked for Motrin at all the past few days, and scoots around with impunity.

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