Namine has had weight issues all her life. Right now she’s stuck at 17-18 pounds, and it doesn’t look like she’s going to put on more weight any time soon. It doesn’t make sense, because she’s obviously growing, getting longer, but she’s not putting on weight like she ought to. Naturally, her doctors scold us for not getting her to gain weight. We’ve tried. So has she, as you can see in the picture.

Over the weekend, Jess, Namine, and I went to the Polish Center of Wisconsin. There was a celebration, a kind of thank you dinner/party for volunteers. Jess and I had volunteered to help out with Polish Fest earlier this summer, so we were invited to it. (Thanks, Leah!) It was lots of fun and Namine ate chicken, polish sausage, veggies, Jess’s cake and ice cream, my ice cream, and rolls.

I would ask everybody to keep someone in your prayers. Her name is Elizabeth Schenkel. She’s only 4 months old, and she’s had some complications. Despite multiple tests in the hospital, doctors still don’t know what’s wrong. We pray that they figure out what’s wrong soon, and can do something about it.

Speaking of complications, Namine seems to be getting the hiccups a lot more lately. She was asleep last night and started hiccuping in her sleep. Poor girl. Her cardiologist says that it’s because of her plicated diaphragm. (I talked about it a bit here, third paragraph from the bottom.) She may never outgrow it, but on the other hand, the fact that she’s hiccuping more now may indicate that her body is trying to outgrow it now. Time will tell, as with so much.

Speaking of time will tell, Namine does not have diabetes. I don’t remember if I posted already, so there you go.

One last thing. Namine has a benefit concert coming up on September 4. My friend and coworker Derek has the information on his site. You can get more information on his site here.


  1. As for the weight gain … the docs have to realize that she’s only been eating by mouth in earnest since she had her cleft repair. A couple of months? Think of the progress she has made! She takes all her food and meds by mouth now. That’s a miracle! Plus factor in that she is much more mobile (my arms are still sore from trying to hang onto her). She’ll get there. The docs have their noses buried in growth charts, so take what they say with a grain of salt. They don’t have the luxury of counting her blessings like we do.

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