·  Normal is a dryer setting.

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  • Jon Eiche
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    I believe your concern for Namine’s well-being and your distress over her current ongoing sickness have colored your perception of events and your reaction to them. It’s unfair of you to pronounce guilt so categorically upon this family member; Namine has had a cough, and unfortunately she still has a cough. It might make you feel better to have someone to blame, but I would argue whether being outside for a few seconds between the salon and the car on a cool (not cold) day made her condition worse. As far as ascribing carelessness and lack of concern, I urge you to get the story firsthand from said family member; I have, and the picture is quite different from the one you paint. One thing I like about your blog is your honesty; you always give us an unvarnished look at the life of your family. Sometimes, however, that means you put your foot in your mouth (see “When doctors are wrong”). This is another of those times. I pray Namine gets better quickly. I hope your anger cools. When it does, I hope to see an apology to that family member – one as public as your hasty, unfair, and deeply hurtful words of blame.

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