The night was not kind to Namine. I slept at her side, never truly asleep, getting up quickly every time she coughed – sometimes as far as five minutes apart, but most closer together – ever alert to her coughing, nervous and unable to actually do anything but adjust her occasionally in a futile effort to make her more comfortable. She never really woke up, although I suspect that is just a testament to how tired she was. She whimpered and cried every now and then, never awake, but unable to fall into a deep enough sleep to actually rest.

Namine finally did fall into a deeper, uninterupted sleep around 4:00 this morning. I took the opportunity to sleep in my own bed then, turning on the baby monitor and placing its receiver on my endtable. When I left for work, she was still sounds asleep. She had actually turned over to sleeping on her stomach during the night (well, morning), so I took the Boppy out of her bed so that it wouldn’t be in the way. I couldn’t hear any mucus or anything in her breathing, so I left her on her stomach.

All was not well, however; shortly after I left, Jessica woke to Namine’s barking cough. That’s right – she had the croup. Again. It has only been a week, one week exactly, to be precise, since she had it last. Jessica called me, and I turned around to come back home and help her get Namine ready to leave for the ER.

It was a typical visit, by Namine standards. But this time, they actually gave us a prescription for the steroid to help with inflammation, to be given twice a day. Between that and the antibiotic for the sinus infection, hopefully the coughing and mucus will clear up quickly.

On the way home, Namine threw up. It was most likely triggered by all that mucus in her nose and draining down her throat. There’s no reason to go back to the hospital, though. All we can do now is try to keep her hydrated – it would come as no surprise if she has no appetite – and as comfortable as possible.


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