Progress at PT

Yesterday Namine had physical therapy.

It was (we thought) just another day where Namine fights with her therapist. (There are two therapists, actually. One is an American woman, and the other is a British man. She always refuses to work for the woman, but the man she just adores. We suspect it’s the accent.) Anyway, at therapy yesterday, the woman was working with Namine.

A major part of her therapy is walking in the walker. It’s a tiny little thing, because frankly, Namine herself is a tiny little thing. It has straps that go under Namine’s butt to keep her from falling completely. The problem is, she knows it’s there, and uses it to sit and rest. So Jessica tried something new at yesterday’s session – she removed the straps, which forced Namine to either stand or fall. We already know that she’s strong enough to support herself on her own, but we weren’t sure about walking on her own.

Well, we’re sure now. Namine walked – even ran, for a bit – on her own in the walker yesterday. She has shown once again that she is ambitious, zealous even, to walk on her own. Leslie, her therapist, thinks that she might even be walking on her own by summertime. (That is just crazy to think about!)

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  1. The ladies name is Leslee, and the mans name is Mick. She loves both but it likes at home namine works better for Paul then she does me. She was so excited yesterday walking/running and just having a blast going all on her own. She is our precious little beach bum!

  2. Very happy for you! Congrats to you and Namine and her therapists.

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