MRI appointment today

Another day, another appointment.

Today, Namine had her MRI to see the muscle structure in her abdomen. The goal, of course, was to see how her hernias might be repaired. And since she’ll be going under the knife again soon, might as well close up that hole in her stomach that we no longer feed her through. A fitting end to the year, I think.

I went to the hospital just in time for them to take Namine back. The nurse gave Namine the goofy juice (really, medication to loosen her up, and make her not care so much about being sedated), and we followed her down to the MRI area. On the way, as I carried Namine, she decided to kiss my beard. That tickled her, so she broke into little giggles and tried again. Then she looked at my sister and yelled, “MEER!”

“No, Namine,” I said. “Auntie Lydia doesn’t have a beard.”

She pointed to her own chin. “Meer?”

“No, you don’t have a beard.”

She pointed to my chin. “Meer!”

“Yes, I have a beard.”


“Yes, that’s my chin.”

She pointed to her own chin again. “In?”

“Yes,” I said. “That’s your chin.”

Still pointing to her chin, she reasoned, “In. Meer!”

Her logic is flawless. I may need to shave.

Once in the MRI area, we waited for a while longer before the MRI people actually came to take her and sedate her. Namine got wobbly and giggly at just about everything. She lifted up her hospital gown and tickled herself, giggling like a crazy person. Which she probably is. Us too.

The MRI itself, along with the IV placement, didn’t take very long. Namine woke up on her own while being wheeled into recovery, and asked for Mama and Papa. Since she didn’t have surgery and wasn’t in pain (well, any more pain – if you ask her if anything hurts, she’ll always tell you her feet), she was quite happy.

After a little while, they wheeled her out of recovery, back to the day surgery room where we started. Namine was still a little wobbly, but she drank a cup of apple juice and another cup of water. They sent her home shortly afterward. We don’t know yet when we’ll find out anything from the MRI. A few days, maybe a week, if I know the hospital.

I just want to mention one thing, before I go. Last night, I put on Namine’s night AFOs (which are tighter and more rigit against her feet) and tucked her into bed; she fell asleep within a half hour. After the half hour was up, I removed them, according to the doctor’s orders, but I wasn’t able to do so without waking her up. Her left leg had a little redness along the shin; the doctor had said that if there was any redness, then we were to leave the AFOs off for the rest of the night, so that’s what I did. Namine fell back asleep shortly thereafter. She seemed to sleep much more peacefully without anything on her legs and feet.

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  1. I’m glad the MRI was not too traumatic. I hope the results are favorable when the do come in. It will be great to get rid of the g-tube port. BTW get quart of that Goofy Juice to-go.

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