November 2010

  • Communicating pain

    Since being decannulated, and especially since her stoma was closed, Namine has a much easier time talking. We’re continuing to teach her signing as well, and she’s improving every day. Of course she still signs quite a bit, which helps when we don’t understand her words. She’s still working on those consonants, but we hear…

  • Another ortho clinic

    Another fun time, kids. What was supposed to be more or less a routine clinic visit turned into The Clinic Visit From Hell. Although there was some good news.

  • On boundaries

    One of the people I follow on Twitter posted yesterday posted (and I’m more or less paraphrasing, since I can’t find at the moment the original tweet), “a child without boundaries is a child with much stress.” I’d like to chime in here.

  • More orthopedic fun

    With a title like that, you just know it was a fun time. Jessica had two reasons to call ortho this morning: to schedule Namine to be seen later this week, and to set up a weekly recasting schedule. Both of those things, however, share a single disadvantage. They require talking to a real live…

  • Ankle pin removal

    As I write this, Namine’s pins have successfully been taken out of her ankles, we are all home, and she is blessedly, contentedly asleep in her own bed.

  • Surgery tomorrow

    Going back on everything I’ve just said about not going into the OR again, Namine is going into the OR tomorrow. Part of it is more scheduling stupidity, but it actually turned out to be for our benefit.

  • Taking her meds

    I don’t have anything really new to share tonight, but as I try to post something about Namine every night (call this my own writing exercise, I guess), I’ll share with you what she did tonight after finishing her breathing treatments.

  • Reconsiderations

    Namine continues to amaze us. After a recasting experience that can only be described as traumatic, she recovered quickly and easily. So much so that Jessica and I are forced to reconsider what we previously thought was an easy decision.

  • Trach/vent clinic, then recasting

    I’m sitting here at the hospital waiting for the valet to bring my car back, so I figure I’ll start tonight’s post. I really don’t like making longer posts from my phone, but it’s either this or keep hitting “refresh” in TweetDeck, and since the 24-hour autism event at The Coffee Klatch ended earlier today,…

  • Movement as behavior

    An online friend of mine – I hope I’m not being too forward when I say friend – pointed this question to me and others: do you consider “movement” a behavior? Now, I’m no therapist, I have no formal education in anything to do with children, or special needs patients, and most of the time…

  • On ortho and surgery

    Much has happened since I last posted. Last night, I would have said the most important things to talk about is Namine having a good time trick or treating at the zoo and around the neighborhood. Since I was feeling a bit under the weather, last night, I thought I’d put off posting to today.…