Another fun time, kids. What was supposed to be more or less a routine clinic visit turned into The Clinic Visit From Hell. Although there was some good news.

Namine had an appointment to be seen in the ortho clinic today to make sure her casts weren’t too tight. The ortho doc also wanted to check on the incision in Namine’s left foot, to make sure it was healing properly.

Namine hates the saw they use to cut open the casts. It’s loud and it terrifies her. After the cast was open, the doctor found that the skin around the incision in her foot had died. So he had to remove quite a bit, and we need to perform wound cares (just wet to dry, if you care) every morning and evening.

Wound care is nothing new to me. From the time after Jessica’s botched C-section up until she got the wound vaccuum, I took care of her and did wound cares daily. More than daily. One good thing about me is that I don’t gross out easily.

The other thing is, we don’t need to go back to the clinic next week. The ortho doc has proclaimed Namine’s feet in good position, so they won’t need to be adjusted and she won’t need a cast change until a week from this Monday.

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