November 2010

  • Appointments today

    Namine had to get blood drawn and then pay a visit to the endocrine clinic today. I think it’s safe to say that she knows the hospital, and she thinks that it usually means pain. (I wonder where she got that idea.) I suspect she’ll sleep well at nap time.

  • Giving thanks

    Currently on this Thanksgiving Day, my two loves are napping. We all ate a lot at Jessica’s sister’s house, and are sufficiently full. I can’t nap – I get a migraine if I do. (As it is, I wake up every day with a headache. But enough of that. You’re here to read about Namine, […]

  • Like second nature

    I had an interesting thing happen to me on Friday. Of course I didn’t get to talk about it because more important things happened. But Namine is doing better now, so I can bring it up. Anyway, this reminded me how being the parent of a special needs child has changed me. It has shaped and formed me, as a person, in ways that might never have happened otherwise.

  • Twubblesome twos

    Yesterday Namine was probably the first time Namine was really naughty for Jessica. It doesn’t really come as much of a surprise; she is two, and she is in almost constant pain because of her legs and feet. She’s been an angel to have behaved as well as she has, in my personal opinion. Not that any of that really makes a difference when you’re in the middle of a tantrum.

  • The white screen of death

    Anybody who uses Windows is familiar with the BSoD – the Blue Screen of Death. I had my own brush today with WordPress’s equivalent – the WordPress white screen of death. (This article saved me a lot of time!) I was going to work on a post at lunch, but this took up nearly my entire lunch hour.

  • Feeling more like herself

    Namine is in bed now, but she is not asleep. Oh no, far from it. I had quite a time trying to figure out what my two year old wanted, exactly. It turned out she wanted her mobile animals back on her mobile (they have been off for quite a while; they have been since she pulled them off) before she would settle down. We suspect she’s developing a fear of the dark, too. So I put Namine’s safari lamp at the far end of the room, where it provides a night-light-ish glow to the room.

  • Home once again

    We are home from the ER. It was not the longest night we’ve spent there, but it was long just the same. After being there for five hours, we finally got the x-ray results; they came back negative. Namine has not sustained any breaks; the diagnosis is that she is just sore from the fall. Thus, she was discharged and we came home, stopping at McDonald’s on the way.

  • Ortho clinic, a fall, and a visit to the ER

    Jessica and my mom took Namine to her ortho clinic this morning. Just when you thought things were pretty much down to routine, excitement got dialed up a notch. My mom fell walking in to the clinic from the car, and she was holding Namine. Namine seemed unhurt, just shaken up; my mom sprained her wrist and hurt her knee, but nothing is broken, so far as she knows. As for the clinic visit itself, well, those are always stressful for Namine.

  • Namine is feeling better today

    Namine seems to be doing better today. Last night, Namine was in such pain that she didn’t even want an ice cream sandwich. This morning, Jessica asked her if she wanted any medication for pain, and she said no. That’s definitely a good sign. She also seems to have some appetite back; she was scooting all around the living room and eating cereal.

  • All the pain she can bear, and more

    This evening Namine was in more pain than we’ve seen her in a while.

  • Are you wearing purple today?

    November is a month for awareness, the big one being breast cancer. Several of my Facebook friends have changed their pictures to have the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon; others have tinted theirs pink. November is also the month for prematurity awareness, and its color is purple. Premature birth is one of the major causes […]

  • Getting her stitches out

    Yesterday Namine had an appointment with ENT to get the stitches in her neck removed. Jess took her to the clinic building, not the hospital. Namine is old enough that we can tell her what’s going on; sometimes she handles it well, and sometimes not. Well, this was a not day. I think the recent business with her feet has made her more afraid of doctors.