Paul/Jess, this is Cindy (Stephanie Brandt’s mom). I have been wanting to share some thoughts with you for some time. First, we went through the series of recasting with Steph at a younger age than Namine and pre-surgery(s) for her bilateral clubfeet. And I must say, our ortho experience(s) with CHW have been much better than yours and it sadness me that you are experiencing what you are. That is not to say we didn’t have a bad expereience prior to CHW with a doc that used plaster casts that we had to remove the night before her appts by soaking and pealing them off ourselves {you don’t wanna know!}. Anyway, all of Steph’s cast changes were done in clinic and there was ALWAYS screaming even when you knew there was no possible way there was physical pain! Now I recognize Namine has healing surgeries and there is undoubtedly pain and discomfort with that, but know there isn’t a young child that is not going to scream when they are approached with that cast saw {it is freightingly loud and the vibrations are also weird/scary for a tiny tot!}. I was going to suggest what it sounds like you now plan to do…pre-medicate. Another approach that worked for us was, lean over her with your face as close to hers as possible which helps to both block her view from what is going on and hold her down while it seems like you’re just given a big hug :); then just talk nonstop to her about anything with a big smile on your face{yes, all this while choking back your own tears}. Someone else can hold her leg(s) if necessary. HaHa, sounds easy, right?!? Trust in yourselves, you are both amazing parents making incredibly difficult decisions for an amazing child! Sorry this got a bit long…

Sounds logical to me. I think people often opt for a somewhat more traumatic outpatient procedure to avoid the risks of anesthesia and a hospital stay. Pre-medicating is a very good idea too.

TOTALLY agree!!! When you go to Ortho at main campus (we go to New Berlin usually now) do you have to wait FOREVER to get into a room? If so, maybe take that into consideration when figuring out what to give and when. You might want to administer the meds at CHW, rather than before you leave the house, so Namine gets the new casting done during the med peaking, not wearing off. Just a thought…

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