The good news, of course, is that Namine came home from the hospital yesterday. She’s doing okay, all things considered, seeing as she’s still got a cough – although she’s not coughing as much crap up anymore. The bad news is that she has a hard time keeping her O2 above 80 while she’s sleeping. We’re glad we still have oxygen, because without it, we would have taken her back into the ER.

On the way home from the hospital, we had to stop at Walgreen’s to pick up Namine’s new meds. We finally got home around 5:30, so I put a very tired Namine down for a nap for a couple hours. I made some frozen pot pies and we ate dinner. She still doesn’t have quite her old appetite back yet, but she definitely seemed glad to be home. I gave Namine her breathing treatments (the mask for which she’ll hold over her face herself, if you tell her she can be Darth Vader) and medicine (which always gets grimaces from her, but she drinks them like the trooper she is), and we played in her room for a while.

I’d forgotten just how many musical and talking toys she has. And what Namine likes to do is set them all off at once. She had her singing piggy bank, dancing snowmen (which Namine calls “no-men” or “men-men”), a very loud singing sunflower (it sings “You Are My Sunshine” cranked to 11), a ball that sings and moves itself (shouting out encouragement like “Follow me!” every so often), a singing drum, a couple little guitars, and a small music box all going at once. Apparently they were all required to participate, because when one stopped, Namine made sure to start it right back up again. (The sunflower, being motion activated, needed no such encouragement.)

When I first layed Namine down for her nap, she was satting at about 80-83. As the nap progressed, however, she started satting lower and lower, and she eventually dipped down to 75-76. In her discharge papers, the doctors said she might consistently stay below 80. If that were to happen, we were to bring her back into the hospital. We had one other option, though. We had the oxygen mask they had put on her in the PICU, so I put that on her. She bounced right back to 86-88, and there she stayed until I woke her up to eat dinner. I put the mask on her when it was time for bed as well, and she slept through the night without going below 80 once.


  1. That’s wonderful you’re all home & her oxygen level’s staying up w/the mask. As for the toys all I can is laugh cuz I’ve been there myself.

  2. I’m glad she’s home, but it must be a terribly frightening time for you and Jessica so worried about O2 levels all night long. I pray Namine recovers quickly from this crud.

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