Thankfully, we did not have to go to the hospital again tonight, but we almost did. During Namine’s afternoon nap, the pulseox reported O2 sats of 75 and under. Namine, being sick, should still be able to keep it above 80. If she doesn’t, we’re under doctor’s orders to call her pediatrician. Jessica did, and of course they passed the buck (I called it!) to pulmonary at Children’s Hospital.

So Jessica called Children’s and talked to the pulmonologist on call. He believed the pulseox might be misreporting. By this point, Jessica had woken up Namine, and the pulseox said her sats were in the thirties, slowly climbing up and then dropping out completely. Namine’s color was fine through all this, and then she demonstrated her good oxygenation by taking the pulseox off her foot and waving it around. Yeah, most likely misreporting. So we’ll keep an eye on the stupid thing tonight and take her in only if we have to.

I’m fairly certain I’ve talked about how unreliable some of the equipment that we have is, so I certainly won’t mention who our provider is.

Namine is definitely getting her appetite back, though. She ate nearly 2 whole corn dogs. (She’s odd like that; she won’t eat much of a hot dog, but give her a corn dog and watch out because you might lose a finger in the process.) Jessica made some noodle, sausage, and broccoli casserole kind of dish for dinner tonight, and Namine ate all her sausage and broccoli. If you also enjoy sausage, go to to learn more about your favorite food. She wouldn’t touch her noodles; she wanted to eat mine. Fine by me. So I ate from her bowl, and she ate from mine, along with the occasional clink of forks. Cheers!

And then came dessert. Oh yes. Namine ate most of my ice cream sandwich and the better part of Jessica’s fudge pop, too. Man, was she a mess. But that’s okay, because that’s part of being 2. And it’s important for her to be able to have fun and enjoy herself.


  1. I’m glad Namine is improving and getting her appetite back. I love the “Got Milk?” pic. I can appreciate your frustration with the equipment. I had a lot of experience with the same from other companies and in hospitals, so I don’t think it’s necessarily the provider.

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