Fries and ketchup, hold the fries

We went out this evening, with the intention of stopping by the UPS store to pick up a package, going to dinner, and stopping by Jess’s mom’s apartment before heading back home. Let’s just say things didn’t exactly go to plan. That’s okay, though. We still had a fun time out together, and we got to see more of Namine’s love of ketchup. I need to take more videos.

Improvement, now with ketchup

Namine seems to be getting a little better, now that she’s on the Tobi nebulizer and a steroid to help keep her wheezing down. She’s only coughed once since I put her to bed, and she didn’t even need much suctioning. Between finishing the breather and putting her to bed, though, she coughed up quite a bit of mucus. Yum. Her appetite doesn’t seem to be quite there yet, although she did prove her love of ketchup.

Trach infection pretty much confirmed

As we count down the days toward the result of Namine’s sleep study, we have a new wrench thrown in the works: a trach infection. We pretty much assumed as much, and Namine’s symptoms seem to confirm it. Her pulmonologist has prescribed an antibiotic – not Toby but something similar – and we just need to keep up with regular breathing treatments. Like, every 6 hours or so.

Possible trach infection

Late yesterday and this morning, Namine has had a lot more secretions than usual. In addition, this morning her secretions have been mucusy (is that a word?) and yellow-green, and she’s been coughing and hacking. So Jess called Namine’s pediatrician and her pulmonologist for advice on what to do. Of course the first thing that pops into our heads is trach infection. We’re no stranger to them, of course, but trach infections are nothing to trifle with; they can easily be life-threatening if not treated quickly.

Another trip to the ER

The saying goes that every gray cloud has a silver lining, but I think the reverse is true as well. Things had been going pretty well, so karma or whatever decided to kick us around a bit. Jess, my mom, dad, and sister took Namine to a water park today; unfortunately, what started out as a great day ended up in the ER.

Picnic day, part 2

I never got a chance to post about the rest of our picnic day, when we went to my uncle’s for the Eiche family get-together. Namine ate a Twinky and then took a nap on the way there. We brought Namine’s wheelchair, and she was able to speed around the deck. It was nice for her, because there was more room than in our living room, plus rolling a wheelchair is harder on carpet. Namine ate like we starved her. She ate pretty much everything we put on her plate, plus some rolls, plus nearly half my corn on the cob. (I’m pretty sure she prefers it on the cob to the little nubbins.)

Horse therapy

Yep, you read that right. No, it’s not therapy for horses; it’s therapy for humans – Namine, specifically. The idea is that the way horses walk is fundamentally the same way people walk; the up-and-down motion, the rhythm. It’s supposed to help with balance and speech.