You know, all too often we focus on the bad and forget about the good. So I end up posting when Namine has surgery, or is sick, or something goes wrong. But the point of her blog is not just to document and communicate her problems and issues, but also to tell people about how awesome she is, how she grows, and all she learns.
Jessica and I brought her down to her sister’s house for a collaborated rummage sale. She had a lot of fun waving to people, and we had a couple kids ask what was wrong with her neck. (Being barefoot, I’m actually surprised we didn’t get any questions about her feet, but I digress.) It used to make me a little mad when people asked what was wrong with Namine, but I try to put myself in their position. If my parenthood didn’t require me to know what I need to know, I probably wouldn’t know what a trach is, and I certainly wouldn’t know what caudal regression is. So I can hardly begrudge a little girl asking. And I look at it like this: I know, others don’t; so it is my responsibility to impart this knowledge, thereby bettering others.

Namine had some eggs and banana for breakfast from McDonald’s. I think she ate nearly a plateful before she decided she was done. It still strikes me as amazing, how much she eats now that her palate is fixed. I still get nervous every time I think of Monday, but it’s out of our hands now.

She’s asleep now in a little swinging seat we’ve given to Jessica’s sister Ann for her unborn child. (Convenient, since we’re here.) Jessica is asleep by her, unfortunately with a headache that has persisted for more than 3 days. I hope it goes away soon.

Remind me to tell you guys about last night. But not now, I’ve rambled on for too long already.


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