This past weekend Paul and I had a discussion with the speech therapist and the GI Team about possibly having to place a G-Tube.  We do not want her to have one unless it is absolutely necessary.  They had not really been working with her on her oral feeds and wanted to push the tube.  On Friday Paul and I said that they need to work more with her on her feeds so she can get practice and if they weren’t going to work with her than they should let us do it.  So on Friday they let me feed her and she took 5cc’s.  Saturday and Sunday she took 4cc’s.  Which doesn’t seem like much but she is getting better.  She is coordinating her sucking and swallowing nicely.  The speech therapist is still worried that she might be aspirating a little.  So when we feed her we have to watch her very closely to make sure that she isn’t choking and that she isn’t getting too stressed.  Also the special nipple that she has to use because of her cleft palate it is hard to get used to.

I am just very excited that I was able to feed her.  I can’t wait until they tell us she can come home.  Paul and I are pretty much done with her trac cares and we are both excited and very nervous for her home coming.  We just hope that it will be soon. 

Thank-you for all of your prayers, please keep them coming.