First off, my apologies. We’ve been a little lacking in updates, I know. We’ve been a little busy. Wednesday has come and gone, and Namine is not yet home.

Monday night, Namine was not doing too well – she was throwing up frequently, and so the doctors were not comfortable sending her home the next day. They did a floroscopy (I hope I didn’t butcher that too badly) yesterday to see if the G-tube is in the right place. It is placed correctly, so we’re not sure why Namine’s not tolerating her feeds.

When she gets the Pedialite or partial-strength feeds (part formula and part Pedialite), she’s fine. When her feed is just formula, she throws up, either out of her mouth or backing up out of the G-tube. Could be she just isn’t comfortable with this new one, but at this point no one knows.

I would love to tell you when she’s coming home, but I can’t. Doctor Gordon (the special needs doctor we’re in touch with the most) was running around like a chicken with its head cut off yesterday, so he wasn’t able to give us a lot of answers. I hope we’ll be able to find out more today.

Also, on the topic of the website: I know a lot of you are unable to post comments, for whatever reason. I believe I’ve narrowed down why and hope to fix it soon. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.